FOURTHANE HEX-12 Use Case January 2021 – BUCKET

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We have already informed you that FOURTHANE HEX 12, is an ultra-soft two-component polymeric compound, 100% solid once set, formulated based on ceramic-reinforced epoxies that provide a high gloss and a low friction coating to protect equipment from turbulence, abrasion and cavitation. Recommended to be used to seal and protect equipment from corrosion and wear.

Now we want to inform you about a real case of HEX installation, happened with one of our customers in Chile:

Case of bucket (for a bucket-wheel excavator) reinforced in the mantle with FOURTHANE® HEX-12 ceramic tiles:

1.- Each game is made up of 17 buckets
2.- Each bucket is covered with 7 m2 of FOURTHANE® HEX-12 ceramic tiles.
3.- The surface preparation of the substrate must be carried out with electrical or pneumatic tools SSPC-SP3, to leave a roughness that allows the anchoring of the glue that is part of HEX-12 (at the end we will leave an installation manual)


Hex-12 installed until January 2021: 1117 m2
HEX-12 coated Bucket: 162 units
HEX-12 coated Bucket Sets: 9 Sets.

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