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FOURTHANE began its activity in 1995, developing an original product with a Chilean formulation and patent.

Fourthane currently has a wide line of products and services focused on maintaining, protecting and repairing conveyor belts, concentrator plants, and SAG Mills, being a great contribution to operations and improving equipment availability.


Fourthane has innovation as a fixed course, and it is one of its core values. The company’s first product to hit the market (Fourthane Red) was created under that fundamental principle, and has been a revelation and a revolution in the mining and industrial market ever since. Based on this philosophy, Fourthane has continued to develop different products, such as the creation of the plant line, always with the aim of maximizing the availability of mining and industrial equipment.

The Avonni award for the best industrial innovation of the year and the recognition of Pro Chile as the best innovative venture are a reflection of the company’s philosophy.

Fourthane is simple, fast, versatile and innovative, those are the ingredients of the recipe that has allowed it to develop solutions for our clients in an agile and efficient way, adjusting to their needs and listening carefully to their requests, it is precisely from this dialogue that which has allowed it to create world-class products, delivering innovative solutions, as our slogan communicates.



We have a presence on five continents and in more than 27 countries.

Fourthane’s growth through the years has been continuous and sustained, our products are known and preferred worldwide, reflecting the high levels of quality and innovation present in Fourthane’s solutions for conveyor belts and plants.

We have a presence on five continents and in more than 27 countries.

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